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廣東話 / 广东话 / Cantonese

(Traditional) 你有權利要求一位免費的翻譯員。
(Simplified) 你有权利要求一位免费的翻译员。
You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.


Hawaii State Judiciary Response to COVID-19

夏威夷州司法部   因應新冠肺炎疫情 (Traditional Chinese)

夏威夷司法部  应对新冠肺炎疫情公告 (Simplified Chinese)


What you need to know (English)

(Traditional) 注意事項

(Simplified) 注意事项


Stay at Home/Work at Home Fact Sheet (English)

(Traditional) COVID-19居家防疫/在家辦公指南

(Simplified) 檀香山市及县区 对抗COVID-19居家生活/工作指南

Language ID Card
(Traditional) 請打印此卡,到達法院時,出示給司法人員看。
(Simplified) 请打印此卡,到达法院时,出示给司法人员看。

Print this card and show it to Judiciary staff when you come to court.

How to Use a Court Interpreter

For more information about language services, contact:
Office on Equality and Access to the Courts
426 Queen St. #B-17
Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: (808) 539-4860